How Your Endocrine System Could Be Making You Fat

If have endocrine fallout you may feel like your body bloated or even fat because your body is hanging on to an additional five, ten or even thirty pounds. No matter what you do, how little you eat, or how much you exercise you cannot seem to win the battle of the bulge. If this sounds familiar you may be relieved to discover you are not alone. Alisa Vitti, author of Woman’s Code, says there is a physiological reason for this. I first learned about this in canmore accommodations chalets. You’ll be happy to know there is also a solution for too!

 The root problem actually resides in your liver. The liver is the key organ responsible for detoxifying your body, including excessive estrogen. Actually your liver’s main function is to metabolize fat, but when it is tied up detoxifying the other crap in your body, it cannot focus on its job— so it stores toxins as fat. The liver removes toxins by turning fat soluble toxins into water soluble ones so they can be removed through your large intestine, kidneys and skin. Your liver’s function is compromised if these pathways of toxin removal are clogged.

 Your body copes with this dilemma by storing the fat-soluble toxins into your fat tissue. What this does is it protects the liver because it minimizes toxic over load. The issue is now it is harder to shed the weight because your fat cells do not want to let go of the toxins. Why? Your incredibly smart body knows that doing so would pollute your bloodstream and coincidently cause a toxic environment. So your fat cells continue to cling onto the toxins and your body clings to the fat cells.

 There is a way to encourage your body to release it’s grip on your bulge. It’s vital to fill your diet with lots of vitamins (A,B,C) and nutrients to detoxify. By supporting your liver you are helping it do it’s proper job. You will prevent the backlog of toxins and also decrease your fat cells.


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